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01-10-2022 Minutes

January 10, 2022

North Platte, Nebraska


Meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners. Present were Commissioners Joe Hewgley, Kent Weems, Micaela Wuehler, Chris Bruns, Jerry Woodruff and County Clerk, Rebecca Rossell.  Weems offered prayer. Weems called the meeting to order at 9:00 A.M.


Chairman Weems announced the Open Meeting Act with amendments is posted for public review and the county board will comply with the open meeting requirements.


Motion by Woodruff, seconded by Wuehler to approve the minutes regarding the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners meeting held on January 3, 2022.  Upon roll call vote Weems, Wuehler and Woodruff voted “aye”.  Nays, none.  Commissioners Bruns and Hewgley abstained.


Motion by Woodruff, seconded by Bruns to receive and order filed the treasurer’s receipts.  Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Weems, Wuehler, Bruns and Woodruff voted “aye”.  Nays, none.


Motion by Hewgley, seconded by Bruns to approve the mileage rate change to .585 cents a mile per NE Dept. of Administrative Services. Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Weems, Wuehler, Bruns and Woodruff voted “aye”.  Nays, none.


Motion by Bruns, seconded by Woodruff to receive and order filed the fee report submitted by the Clerk of District Court in the amount of $14,129.18 and Register of Deeds in the amount of $37,235.90.  Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Weems, Wuehler, Bruns and Woodruff voted “aye”.  Nays, none.


The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners recessed at 9:15 A.M. and the Lincoln County Board of Equalization convened.


Chairman Weems announced the Open Meeting Act with amendments is posted for public review and the county board will comply with the open meeting requirements.


County Assessor, Julie Stenger appeared.


Motion by Woodruff, seconded by Wuehler to approve the minutes regarding the Lincoln County Board of Equalization meeting held on January 3, 2022. Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Weems, Wuehler, and Woodruff voted “aye”.  Nays, none. Commissioner Bruns abstained.


Motion by Wuehler, seconded by Hewgley to approve and authorize the Chairman to sign the certificates of correction or refund submitted by the County Assessor on real estate.  Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Weems, Wuehler, Bruns and Woodruff voted “aye”.  Nays, none.

The Lincoln County Board of Equalization adjourned at 9:20 A.M. and the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners reconvened.


Motion by Woodruff, seconded by Bruns to authorize the Chairman to sign the Lincoln County LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee) Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Plan.  Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Weems, Wuehler, Bruns and Woodruff voted “aye”.  Nays, none.


Discussion was held concerning a possible 100 year celebration for the Lincoln County

Courthouse in June, 2022.


Commissioner Bruns reported that NebraskaLand Days would be going on concurrently with the courthouse’s 100 year anniversary.  If the county decides to hold a celebration it could be published in the NebraskaLand Days brochure.  Items have to be in by February 1, 2022 to be published.


County Board Assistant, Tammy White, commented she had done some preliminary work.  She contacted Lisa Burke at the Visitor’s Bureau for her assistance including possible grant money.  She requested a small informal committee be formed to work on the event.


Lisa Burke, Executive Director of the Visitor’s Bureau, said her office could help promote the celebration.  Some initial ideas are history tours, music, and an ice cream social.  She wondered about having it on parade day instead of Wednesday, June 22, 2022 which is the actual anniversary date.  Her concern would be it getting lost with all the other activities that day.


Commissioner Bruns would like to see the historical museum bring in history and artifacts.  He questioned where the possible grant funds would come from for the event.


Burke replied that Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation and the Visitors’ Bureau promotion funds were possibilities.  She will prepare applications as they would both be due by next week.  She asked for clarification on what the County Board would like to see overall for the celebration and time of day for actual events.


Commissioner Woodruff commented he liked the idea of food or an ice cream social with the family aspect.


Commissioner Bruns stated there is lots of local talent for music.


White commented that a time capsule was suggested by the County Clerk.


Chairman Weems asked Commissioner Bruns to head up the committee for the celebration.


Commissioner Wuehler told board members that she would like to see the event on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 on the anniversary date.


White reported that she had contacted the courts in the building and asked them to not schedule court on June 22nd.


Motion by Bruns, seconded by Hewgley to set Wednesday, June 22, 2022 from 3 to 7 P.M. (time is flexible) for the Lincoln County Courthouse 100 year celebration working with NebraskaLand Days to get this in the 2022 brochure.  Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Weems, Wuehler, Bruns and Woodruff voted “aye”.  Nays, none.


The following bids was received for a salt shed for Lincoln County Dept. of Roads:  Winston Michael Contracting, Inc. – $210,000 for a 59 ‘X 96’ fabric building including concrete.


The bid was tabled until next week’s meeting.


Chairman Weems stated he had asked for the agenda item on processing, issuing, monitoring, modifying and discontinuing door passes throughout the county system.  This part of the process was not addressed when the security was transitioned to the Sheriff’s Office.  He would like to see the process streamlined and feels that someone needs to be available 24/7 to handle the door passes.


Chief Deputy, Rolly Kramer, reported that the Tammy White has one software system and the Sheriff’s Office has an additional software system for the doors.  The Sheriff’s Office has several employees trained on the system.


After further discussion, it was decided that one main point of contact would be best and that additional access for those that need it will still be available.  The ability to lock down the courthouse if necessary would still be functional.


Motion by Bruns, seconded by Woodruff to make the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office the primary contact for continuity to issue, monitor, modify and turn off door passes for the courthouse building only.  Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Weems, Wuehler, Bruns, and Woodruff voted “aye”.  Nays, none.


Discussion was held concerning the resolution setting elected official’s salaries for the 4 year term beginning January, 2023 and ending January, 2027.


Commissioner Hewgley asked about the additional percentage increase for the County Sheriff as Jail Administrator.


Commissioner Wuehler stated the informal committee looked at job responsibilities and duties and agreed collectively that additional 40% of the base was a fair level of compensation for the jail.


Commissioner Bruns asked Commissioner Hewgley, who was part of the NACO Salary study, what went into the NACO study.


Commissioner Hewgley replied that the committee looked at additional duties and additional compensation.  The percentage recommended for jail administration addressed the eastern end of the state with the higher percentage.


Commissioner Bruns questioned how Commissioner Hewgley felt about the base salary recommendations for all elected county officials.


Commissioner Hewgley responded that the recommendation was very solid for our array.


Commissioner Bruns wanted to clarify that the 12% increase that was previously discussed was from the base salary in 2019 to the recommended base salary for 2023.


Commissioner Hewgley stated that the benefit packages were not as big a part of the base as they have been in the past.


Commissioner Bruns commented that the additional responsibilities for elections, budget and jail administration are lined out separately in the proposed resolution for clarification.  If a vacancy should occur those additional duties are part of the indicated salary.


Chairman Weems reminded the board they are setting salaries for the office not the individual.


Commissioner Wuehler said the NACO salary recommendation for the jail administrator was and additional 125% to 140% of the base salary.  They looked at operations, size of the jail, size of the county, staffing and work load which went into the recommendation.


Commissioner Bruns stated the proposed salaries would bring these offices to the minimum recommendation as recommended by NACO (Nebraska Association of County Officials).


Commissioner Wuehler reported that professionals are leaving government in record numbers.  Lincoln County needs to be competitive to attract good quality candidates to these jobs.


Commissioner Bruns commented that in past salary resolutions the county had used the Midwest CPI index for cost of living adjustments during the term.  This resolution uses a flat 3% cost of living adjustment for 2024, 2025 and 2026.


Commissioner Wuehler feels it will be easier to budget with a set amount and the county officials will know what the salary will be in subsequent years.  Commissioners Bruns and Wuehler both commented that budgeting was a big part of the salary discussion.


Commissioner Woodruff agreed with the validity of the base salary.  He noted that other counties in our array used a certain dollar amount or percentage rather than the CPI index.


Commissioner Wuehler replied that there is a 3% a year increase in subsequent years in the proposed resolution.


Commissioner Hewgley stated that there are no counties at the top of the base salary in our array.  He then brought up the number of hours per week that elected officials are at work, which may be less than 40, and the additional budget amount for the County Clerk.


Commissioner Weems feels we should define the added duties then you can fairly compensate officials as they come and go.


Commissioner Wuehler commented that with employees in a salaried position you hope for balance.


Commissioner Weems then asked about the increase in salary for the County Commissioners on the proposed resolution.


Commissioner Bruns replied that the compensation would be half of the base salary.  He was willing to look at lowering it but Commissioners often put in more than 20 hours per week.


Commissioner Weems said he ran for the county’s interest and not the paycheck.


Commissioner Wuehler stated that it was her understanding the County Board members had been considered ½ time elected officials in the past.


Commissioner Woodruff commented that the salaries are important not only to maintain people for these positions but also to attract them.


Motion by Wuehler, seconded by Hewgley to adopt Resolution 2022-01 setting the elected officials salaries for the 4 year term beginning January, 2023 and ending January, 2027 as presented.  Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Weems, Wuehler, Bruns and Woodruff voted “aye”.  Nays, none.


Hear concerns from Elected Officials, Department Heads or their representative.


Approved the following claims as presented for payment:



Ace Hrdwr                                         se                         645.31

Agri Comp Sales                              se                         629.14

Allo Comm                                         se                         737.73

Al’s Lock & Safe                               se                           35.00

Al’s Twg & Rpr                                  se                           32.00

A Colburn                                          se                         648.50

A Speichert                                       se                      1,030.00

Amazon                                             se                         149.88

Bear Comm Flr Care                       se                         700.00

B Meyer                                             pse                       300.00

Brouillette, Dgn, Trshnski               se                      6,573.18

Capital Bus Sys                                contr                    502.68

Cash-Wa                                           se                           88.26

DAS St Acctg                                    contr                    204.30

Charter Comm                                  se                         150.33

C Shaw                                              se                      5,532.49

Cty of No Platte                                se                         120.15

Clk of Dist Court                               se                      1,030.00

Community Connections                grnt                   5,863.75

C Chrisman                                      pse                         11.54

D Hild                                                 pse                         34.68

D Collins                                           pse                       168.00

D Moore                                             pse                         11.54

D Seerley                                          pse                         23.04

D Ochsner                                         pse                         23.08

Dr Scrubs & More                            se                         131.18

Eakes                                                 su                      1,440.26

E Krone Jr                                         pse                         17.34

Ellett’s Auto                                       se                      8,465.45

E Torres                                             pse                       252.00

Express Arrow                                  trns                       214.50

Fair Law Ofc                                     se                      2,525.00

Fairfield Inn & Sts                             ldg                        344.85

First Concord                                    ins                        175.00

F Fleecs                                             pse                         57.70

Galls                                                   ex                         313.89

G Burke                                             pse                         34.68

GlobalStar                                         se                         106.32

GP Homecare Eq                             su                           14.00

Heartland Anml Ctr                          se                           52.95

Hometown Lsng                               se                         528.64

Ideal Linen Sply                               su                         211.55

J Babcock Jr                                     pse                         80.76

J Rudolph                                         se                         330.00

J Wilson                                             pse                         11.52

K Kostman                                        pse                         11.54

K Dailey                                             pse                         23.08

Knobel Refrig                                   se                      5,030.22

Lancaster Co Shrff                          se                           19.18

Lincoln Co Court                              fee                     2,981.75

Malcom, Nlsn, & Wndrm                 se                         572.80

M Jones                                             pse                       168.00

M McKeone                                      se                      3,159.50

M Benzel                                           psse                       57.70

Masa Global                                     ins                     1,062.50

Maximus Inc                                     se                      3,400.00

Menards                                            su                         514.40

Mentzer Oil                                        se                           35.80

MIS                                                     se                         130.00

Midwest Connect                             se                         151.35

MIPS                                                  se                      2,784.41

Mi6 Pizza                                           su                           35.94

Modern Tire Pros                             se                           92.49

M Morris                                             pse                         11.54

NE Assoc of CO Assessors           dues                       60.00

N Trofholz                                         pse                         46.16

N P Anml Shltr                                  se                         192.00

NP Police Dept                                 se                    10,441.87

NP Telegraph                                   se                         494.00

Office Depot                                      su                         342.79

P Heng                                              se                      8,934.70

Prodigy Solutions                            se                      9,824.46

Ramada                                             ldg                          96.00

Region II Hmn Svcs                         rent                 11,642.02

R Gibbons                                         pse                         92.32

R O’Neill                                            pse                         34.68

R Newton                                          pse                         92.32

Sheriff Fees                                      se                      2,149.49

Sherwin Williams                             su                           88.34

SteriCycle                                          se                         748.25

Snell Svcs                                         se                      1,902.50

Summit Food Svcs                          contr                 8,690.74

T O Haas                                           se                         119.96

Home Depot                                      su                      1,202.39

Transunion Risk & Alt                     se                         125.00

US Bank                                            se                         155.76

Univ of NE Lincoln                           rent                      750.00

US Cellular                                       se                         805.19

Vanguard Appraisal                        eq                   20,305.00

Verizon                                              se                         242.38

Wex Bank                                         se                      6,509.84


Co Roads:

AKRS                                                 se                         951.13

Anderson & Sons                             se                           55.59

Capital Bus Sys                                su                           20.16

CarQuest                                           se                      3,048.91

Contractor Svcs                                su                    17,674.00

Hershey Coop Tele                          se                           78.62

Masa Global                                     ins                        525.00

Menards                                            su                         154.25

Miller Repair                                     se                           30.38

Murphy Tractor & Eq                       se                      4,160.63

Pauls Porta Pottys                           su                         305.00

RS Hydraulic Sltns                          se                           27.63

Vill of Brady                                       se                           88.29

Vill of Hershey                                  se                         129.44



Affordable Storage                           rt                             99.00

Allo Comm                                         se                         364.74

A Connick                                         mi                         128.80

Cornhusker Clng                             se                         541.00

Culligan                                             su                           42.82

Eagle Comm                                     se                         600.00

Eakes                                                 se                           85.48

Husker Radio                                    se                      1,500.00

Ideal Linen                                        se                         117.48

Integrated                                          se                         164.00

Joe Cruz Ent                                     se                         750.00

KS Plus                                             rt                        3,500.00

Lamar Co                                          se                         600.00

Linc Co High Sch Rodeo                grt                         500.00

Link Media                                         se                      1,200.00

Masa Global                                     ins                           62.50

Meyer Creative                                 se                         130.00

Midwest Champ Fighting               grt                     5,000.00

Miles Partnership                             se                    10,000.00

Moreland Ent                                    se                           90.71

ML & W                                              se                         254.67

NP Telegraph                                   se                         469.27

Northwestern Engy                          se                         184.00

Presto X                                             se                           42.00

Probitas Prmtns                                se                      4,908.75

Snell Svcs                                         se                         277.50

S Maly                                                se                      2,483.33

US Bank                                            se                      7,223.13

US Cellular                                       se                         321.78

Wex Bank                                         se                         113.28



Building Fund:

T Wentz                                             se                      4,600.00


P & M Fund:

Microfilm Img Svcs                          se                           45.00


Juvenile Fac:

Brouillette, Dgn, Trshnki                 se                         842.58


Inheritance Tax:

Treanor HL                                        se                      1,904.42


ARPA Fund:

West Central NE Dev Dist              contr                 2,199.75


The meeting was adjourned at 11:53 A.M.


Advance notice and the agenda for the January 10, 2022 board meetings were sent to the county board and all others requesting the same.  Advance public notice (includes agenda) of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners meeting and the Lincoln County Board of Equalization meeting was posted at the Lincoln County Courthouse, City Hall and the Lincoln County website on January 7, 2022; and was also emailed to the media on January 7, 2022.


The agenda for the meetings to be held on Tuesday, January 18, 2022 will be kept continually current and open for inspection at the office of the Lincoln County Clerk.  The regular meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners will be at the Lincoln County Courthouse in the Commissioners Room at 9:00 A.M.  The regular meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Equalization will be at the Lincoln County Courthouse in the Commissioners Room at 9:15 A.M.



Rebecca J. Rossell

Lincoln County Clerk

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