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06-21-2021 Minutes

June 21, 2021

North Platte, Nebraska


Meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners. Present were Commissioners Joe Hewgley, Bill Henry, Kent Weems, Chris Bruns, Jerry Woodruff and County Clerk, Rebecca Rossell.  Hewgley offered prayer. Weems called the meeting to order at 9:00 A.M.


Chairman Weems announced the Open Meeting Act with amendments is posted for public review and the county board will comply with the open meeting requirements.


Motion by Henry, seconded by Woodruff to approve the minutes regarding the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners meeting held on June 14, 2021.  Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Weems, Henry, Bruns and Woodruff voted “aye”.  Nays, none.


Motion by Henry, seconded by Hewgley to receive and order filed the treasurer’s receipts.  Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Weems, Henry, Bruns and Woodruff voted “aye”.  Nays, none.


Motion by Hewgley, seconded by Bruns to authorize the Chairman to sign the contract with Contech Engineered Solutions, LLC for the joint project with Dawson County (O’Fallon bridge) Project #STWD-CBMP (4).  Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Weems, Henry, Bruns and Woodruff voted “aye”.  Nays, none.


Motion by Bruns, seconded by Woodruff to receive and order filed the fee report submitted by the Register of Deeds.  Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Weems, Henry, Bruns and Woodruff voted “aye”.  Nays, none.


The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners recessed at 9:15 A.M. and the Lincoln County Board of Equalization convened.


Chairman Weems announced the Open Meeting Act with amendments is posted for public review and the county board will comply with the open meeting requirements.


County Assessor, Julie Stenger appeared.


Motion by Bruns, seconded by Henry to approve the minutes regarding the Lincoln County Board of Equalization meeting held on June 14, 2021. Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Weems, Henry, Bruns and Woodruff voted “aye”.  Nays, none.


No certificates of correction or refund submitted by the County Assessor.


The Lincoln County Board of Equalization adjourned at 9:16 A.M. and the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners reconvened.


County Clerk/Election Commissioner, Rebecca Rossell, along with Angie Frison of Election Systems and Software, briefed the County Board about the Balotar hardware & software package for elections.


Rossell told board members that herself and her Deputy, Terry Heessel, had visited Lancaster County in April and May of 2021 during the City Election.  The scope of these visits was to view procedures used in Lancaster County in the election process including the use of the Balotar system.  The goal of the purchase of the Balotar system would to be increase efficiency and be more cost effective.  The Balotar system would be used primarily for early voting, but could be used to print other ballots as needed.  The local printer would still print the ballots for the polling sites.


Frison explained that the Balotar system is not linked to the internet or a network.  The data to print the ballots is imported into the system on a thumb drive.  Ballots would be voted and processed as normal.


Motion by Bruns, seconded by Woodruff to approve the purchase of Balotar (hardware and software) in the amount of $18,130 out of the CARE funds for the Lincoln County Clerk/Election Commissioner.  Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Weems, Henry, Bruns and Woodruff voted “aye”.  Nays, none.


Hear concerns from Elected Officials, Department Heads and their representative.


Approved the following claims as presented for payment:



AT&T                                                  se                         171.55

Adams/Swansn                                se                       1050.00

Affrdbl Storage                                 rt                       `1177.20

Als Lck & Safe                                  re                            75.00

A Speichert                                       se                       2810.00

Amazon Cptl                                     re                            21.67

A Browers                                          eq                           46.14

Brckmn & Bzta                                  se                       1461.00

B Barker Co                                      su                       1697.04

B Aufdenkamp                                 reb                          68.83

Brite                                                    su                  161170.00

Brouillette,Dgn,Trosh                      se                       7857.55

BTS                                                    se                         100.00

Cptl Busns Sys                                 se                         760.57

CashWa                                            se                         116.88

Central Rest.                                     su                           75.37

Charm-Tex                                        su                         464.70

C Durham                                         se                         950.00

C Minshull Ls                                    rt                         2930.00

City NP Sanitation                           se                           50.00

Comm Connections                        se                       8776.64

Condon Signs                                  se                       2200.00

Danko Emgncy Eq                           eq                       2416.00

Dell Mrktg                                          eq                         917.40

Douglas Cnty Sheriff                       se                           19.77

Dr. Scrubs                                         ex                         200.78

Eakes                                                 su                       8021.54

Excel Scrn Prt                                   su                         241.20

Fair Law                                             se                       6182.23

FNBO                                                 se                         319.14

GP Comm                                         se                         318.02

Guardian RFID                                 su                         464.23

HHS-Linc                                          se                         297.00

Heartland Anml Ctr                          se                         134.90

Hinton’s Lck                                      su                           15.00

JC Auto Wsh                                     su                              7.48

J Rudolph                                         se                       1060.00

J Roberts                                           pstg                        14.05

K Stahl                                               reb                          15.70

Linc Extention PC                            su                           35.85

Lowman’s Auto                                re                          482.03

Midson Natl Lf                                  ins                        458.78

B Malcom                                          se                       1045.68

Menards                                            su                         294.81

Midwest Conn                                  pstg                      185.68

Norfolk Reg Ctr                                 se                         465.00

NP Area Chmbr                                dues                     240.00

NWE                                                   se                           33.23

NSA/POAN                                       dues                     500.00

PV Comm                                          eq                       4804.20

Poplar St CW                                    ex                         105.25

Quadient Lsg                                    se                         395.76

R Rossell                                           mi                         203.84

RZ Indstrs                                          su                       1012.61

Seevers Auto                                    re                          126.67

SHI Intl                                               su                         248.00

Staples                                               su                         790.94

Summitt Food                                   cont                    4715.26

TO Haas                                            re                          495.36

US Bank                                            su                       3521.31

ULine                                                 eq                         805.66

UNL-Linc                                           mi                         368.07

Verizon                                              se                         859.98

Viaero                                                se                         178.47

WS Darley &Co                                eq                       7099.00



ABC Auto                                          re                            75.00

Ace                                                     su                           27.98

Andersen Sons                                su                           16.98

Arrow Seed                                       su                       6240.00

Bomgaars                                          su                         193.64

Carquest                                            re                          491.99

Cty NP                                               su                     15571.52

Constrn Rtl                                        su                         121.00

Contractor srvcs                               se                       9975.00

Croell                                                 su                     49819.99

DMC Wear Pts                                 su                       5520.00

Fastenal                                            su                         673.04

Garrett                                                re                        1200.95

Guynan Mach                                   re                            34.67

Hom Lmbr                                          su                           13.99

Ideal                                                   su                         208.30

Inland Trk Pts                                   re                          174.61

Keystone                                           su                         116.68

Knapp Elec                                       su                         306.12

Kohler Trlr Sls                                   re                              9.90

Madison Ntl Lf                                  ins                           72.54

Menards                                            eq                         559.92

Mentzer                                              su                       2257.75

Midlands Occp Med                         su                           20.00

Murphy Tractor                                 re                        2730.86

NTC                                                    re                          567.42

NMC                                                   re                        2649.36

NP Do-It                                             re                              2.90

Pauls Prtaptty                                   su                         460.00

FDO                                                    re                        1198.47

Shelco Asphalt                                 cont                 13496.98

SnapOn                                             su                         368.00

Sutherland Farm                              su                         373.25

Tital Mach                                         re                          157.00

US Bank                                            su                         363.11



Madison Ntl Lf                                  ins                             9.00


Juvenile Fac:

Brouillette,Dgn,Trosh                      se                         364.85


Self-Funded Ins:

First Concord                                    se                       2915.05


The meeting was adjourned at 10:35 A.M.


Advance notice and the agenda for the June 21, 2021 board meetings were sent to the county board and all others requesting the same.  Advance public notice (includes agenda) of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners meeting and the Lincoln County Board of Equalization meeting was posted at the Lincoln County Courthouse, City Hall and the Lincoln County website on June17, 2021; and was also emailed to the media on June 17, 2021.


The agenda for the meetings to be held on Monday, June 28, 2021 will be kept

continually current and open for inspection at the office of the Lincoln County Clerk.  The regular meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners will be at the Lincoln County Courthouse in the Commissioners Room at 9:00 A.M.  The regular meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Equalization will be at the Lincoln County Courthouse in the Commissioners Room at 9:15 A.M.




Rebecca J. Rossell

Lincoln County Clerk





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