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06-01-2020 Minutes

June 1, 2020

North Platte, Nebraska


Meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners. Present were Commissioners Joe Hewgley, Bill Henry, Kent Weems, Walt Johnson, Jerry Woodruff and County Clerk, Rebecca Rossell. Woodruff offered prayer. Henry called the meeting to order at 9:00 A.M.


Chairman Henry announced the Open Meeting Act with amendments is posted for public review and the county board will comply with the open meeting requirements.


Motion by Johnson, seconded by Weems to approve the minutes regarding the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners meeting held on May 26, 2020. Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Weems, Henry, Johnson and Woodruff voted “aye”. Nays, none.


Motion by Woodruff, seconded by Johnson to receive and order filed the treasurer’s receipts. Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Weems, Henry, Johnson and Woodruff voted “aye”. Nays, none.


The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners recessed at 9:15 A.M. and the Lincoln County Board of Equalization convened.


Chairman Henry announced the Open Meeting Act with amendments is posted for public review and the county board will comply with the open meeting requirements.


County Assessor, Julie Stenger appeared as well as County Treasurer, Shelli Franzen.


Motion by Weems, seconded by Johnson to approve the minutes regarding the Lincoln County Board of Equalization meeting held on May 26, 2020. Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Weems, Henry, Johnson and Woodruff voted “aye”. Nays, none.


Motion by Weems, seconded by Woodruff to approve and authorize the Chairman to sign the certificates of correction or refund submitted by the County Assessor on personal property. Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Weems, Henry, Johnson and Woodruff voted “aye”. Nays, none.


Motion by Hewgley, seconded by Woodruff to approve the motor vehicle tax exemption application submitted by the First Baptist Church of Maxwell as recommended for approval by the County Treasurer. Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Weems, Henry, Johnson and Woodruff voted “aye”. Nays, none.


Motion by Woodruff, seconded by Hewgley to approve the property valuation change numbered 2020-14 as submitted by the County Assessor. Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Weems, Henry, Johnson and Woodruff voted “aye”. Nays, none.


The Lincoln County Board of Equalization adjourned at 9:21 A.M. and the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners reconvened.


Update by Brandon Myers, Region 51 Emergency Management Director, on COVID-19.


Dave Hamilton appeared to represent the Fairway Homeowners Association concerning Fairway Avenue and Fairway Drive located within the subdivision. The roads are 1.1 miles in length. The association would like Lincoln County to accept the roads from a risk and liability, as well as fairness standpoint.


Planning Director, Judy Clark, stated she did not remember this subdivision coming before the Planning Commission. She instructs applicants to build the roads to county standards if they would ever desire to approach the county to accept them.


Highway Supt., Carla O’Dell, told board members there would be information the county would need to know such as how old the asphalt is, how thick the asphalt is, and width of the road before any consideration could be given to this request.


Commissioner Weems asked how wide the road is in the subdivision.


Clark replied that the Plat would tell you the width of the right of way.


Commissioner Woodruff stated that maintenance is one thing but upgrading the road could be costly.


Hamilton questioned if the board would consider it if the subdivision upgraded the road and only asked for maintenance and snow removal.


Commissioner Johnson suggested the possibility of contracting with the county for snow removal.


Commissioner Weems stated the County Board needs to decide if they desire to change the county policy on acceptance of subdivision roads.


Deputy County Attorney, Joe Wright, reported that he would need to do some research on the legalities involved with the subdivision roads.


Motion by Weems, seconded by Woodruff to approve and authorize the Chairman to sign the Office of Highway Safety mini grant to be submitted by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office from July 1 – July 6, 2020 in the amount of $10,080.00 concerning speed and occupant protection. Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Weems, Henry, Johnson and Woodruff voted “aye”. Nays, none.


County Board discussed re-opening of the Lincoln County Courthouse which has been closed to the public due to COVID-19.


Motion by Weems, seconded by Woodruff to approve the following concerning re-opening of the Lincoln County Courthouse:


EFFECTIVE JUNE 2, 2020 at 9:00 A.M.



  1. Six foot markings on sidewalks and hallways as appropriate in addition to the stairwell and other areas as needed.


  1. Plexiglass (in some form) will be provided at the South exterior entry. Most county offices have the Plexiglas installed that was requested.


  1. Hand sanitizer and wipes will be provided for each office to use.


  1. Face masks will be available at the South entry for the public if they choose.


  1. County offices are encouraged to wipe down their own office space.


  1. Building and Grounds department will have someone here during the day to wipe down the public spaces.


  1. Please have county employees respect the parking spaces for the public as they have a limited amount of time to conduct their county business.


  1. County employees are being requested to use the West door to enter and exit. They are being asked to self-monitor and record temperature with the equipment provided.


Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Weems, Henry, Johnson and Woodruff voted “aye”. Nays, none.


Hear concerns from Elected Officials, Department Heads and their representative.


Approved the following claims as presented for payment:



Amzn Cap                                                         su                                                         294.00

Axon Ent                                                            su                                                         706.25

Bear Com                                                          se                                                         950.00

CBS                                                                    se                                                         214.00

Cntrl Fin                                                           cont                                                        204.30

Chrtr Com                                                          su                                                         137.98

C Shaw                                                              se                                                       4855.28

Chgn Trans                                                       eq                                                         199.92

CIS                                                                      rt                                                          375.00

Comm Conn                                                     grt                                                       5487.23

DAS                                                                     rt                                                        3727.08

Dtspc                                                                  se                                                         898.00

Dell                                                                     eq                                                       7083.15

Eakes                                                                 su                                                         483.42

Frst Concrd                                                       ins                                                         155.00

Galls                                                                   ex                                                           55.03

Grdn Glv                                                            se                                                         737.50

G4S                                                                  cont                                                     1741.20

Jacks Unif                                                          ex                                                         100.94

J Orr                                                                   mi                                                           20.70

Lndmr LO                                                         cont                                                     9290.00

Mnrds                                                                 su                                                         231.00

Myr Crtv                                                             su                                                         444.80

MIS Inc                                                               se                                                         101.70

MIPS                                                                  su                                                         136.05

Modrn Tire                                                         se                                                         170.00

Motorola                                                            eq                                                         467.20

ML&W                                                                se                                                       6632.33

NACO                                                              dues                                                     3638.90

NP Do-It                                                             su                                                           16.12

NWE                                                                   se                                                           46.09                                                           eq                                                         900.00

Prmry Elec Py                                                   ex                                                     14196.99

Qcksrs Pub                                                       se                                                       1034.89

Rsnbrg Ins                                                        Ins                                                 653,001.00

Rsslls Rntl                                                          rt                                                          271.00

SHI                                                                     su                                                         538.00

Summitt Fd                                                      cont                                                     3590.99

S White                                                              ex                                                         678.00

TO Haas                                                            su                                                           20.00

Hm Dpt                                                               su                                                         372.05

US Cell                                                             cont                                                        740.61

Verizon                                                               se                                                         427.77

Wnspply                                                             se                                                         113.07

Wood/Atkn                                                         se                                                       1083.00



AT&T                                                                  se                                                           47.66

ACE                                                                    su                                                           26.41

Bomgaars                                                          re                                                          149.47

Cap Bus Sol                                                      eq                                                       3589.40

Cnsldtd                                                               se                                                         602.20

DPPD                                                                 se                                                           53.16

gWrks                                                                 eq                                                       2760.00

Huebner                                                             su                                                         179.89

Kelly Su                                                              re                                                       1118.40

Mnrds                                                                 re                                                          126.66

Mntzr Oil                                                            re                                                       1627.35

Mdrn Tire                                                           se                                                              3.00

ML&W                                                                se                                                         300.20

NWE                                                                   se                                                           80.33

Scottys                                                               re                                                            12.60

Snapon                                                              su                                                         567.50


Special Rds:

E Falkena                                                          se                                                       3500.00


P&M Fund:

MIS                                                                     se                                                       1796.62


Self-Funded Ins:

1st Concrd                                                          se                                                       4287.19


May Payroll   $748,203.82


The meeting was adjourned at 10:47 A.M.


Advance notice and the agenda for the June 1, 2020 board meetings were sent to the county board and all others requesting the same. Advance public notice (includes agenda) of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners meeting and the Lincoln County Board of Equalization meeting was posted at the Lincoln County Courthouse, City Hall and the Lincoln County website on May 29, 2020; and was also emailed to the media on May 29, 2020.


The agenda for the meetings to be held on Monday, June 8, 2020 will be kept

continually current and open for inspection at the office of the Lincoln County Clerk. The regular meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners will be at the Lincoln County Courthouse in the Commissioners Room at 9:00 A.M. The regular meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Equalization will be at the Lincoln County Courthouse in the Commissioners Room at 9:15 A.M.



Rebecca J. Rossell

Lincoln County Clerk





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