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December 19, 2011 Minutes  

December 19, 2011

North Platte, Nebraska


Meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners.  Present were Commissioners Joe Hewgley, Duane Deterding, Willis Roethemeyer, County Clerk, Rebecca Rossell, and Board Assistant, Tammy White.  Deterding offered prayer.  Chairman Deterding called the meeting to order at 9:00 A.M.


Chairman Deterding announced the Open Meeting Act with amendments is posted for public review and the county board will comply with the open meeting requirements.


Motion by Roethemeyer, seconded by Hewgley to approve the minutes regarding the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners meeting on December 12, 2011.  Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Roethemeyer and Deterding voted “aye”.  Nays, none.


Motion by Hewgley, seconded by Roethemeyer to receive and order filed the treasurer’s receipts.  Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Roethemeyer and Deterding voted “aye”.  Nays, none.


Motion by Roethemeyer, seconded by Hewgley to receive and order filed the fee reports submitted by the County Treasurer and County Sheriff.  Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Roethemeyer and Deterding voted “aye”.  Nays, none.


Motion by Hewgley, seconded by Roethemeyer to approve the contract with GIS Workshop for Parcel Soil Conversion Data Dump.  Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Roethemeyer and Deterding voted “aye”.  Nays, none.


The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners recessed at 9:15 A.M. and the Lincoln County Board of Equalization convened.


Chairman Deterding announced the Open Meeting Act with amendments is posted for public review and the county board will comply with the open meeting requirements.


County Assessor, Julie Stenger and County Treasurer, Sue Fleck appeared.


Motion by Roethemeyer, seconded by Hewgley to approve the minutes regarding the Lincoln County Board of Equalization meeting on December 12, 2011.  Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Roethemeyer and Deterding voted “aye”.  Nays, none.


Motion by Roethemeyer, seconded by Hewgley to approve and authorize the chairman to sign the certificates of correction and refund as submitted by the County Assessor.  Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Roethemeyer and Deterding voted “aye”.  Nays, none.


Motion by Hewgley, seconded by Roethemeyer to approve the motor vehicle tax exemption application submitted by Great Plains Regional Medical Center as approved by the County Treasurer.  Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Roethemeyer and Deterding voted “aye”.  Nays, none.


The Lincoln County Board of Equalization adjourned at 9:18 A.M.


Randy Saner, Unit Leader for Lincoln/McPherson Extension, gave the board a proposal asking for input on adding Logan County to this office.  He commented that Logan County had contacted him and asked for a price for this service.  His proposal would save Logan County between $7,000 and $8,000 per year.  Lincoln County would save about $2,000 and McPherson County would save $600.  He had given the proposal to McPherson County last week and they were O.K. with the proposal.  He will present the proposal to Logan County later this week.  If everyone is in concurrence he will bring back a memorandum of understanding for all the counties to sign.


Motion by Hewgley, seconded by Roethemeyer to retain the law firm of Waite, McWha and Heng as co-counsel in the matter of Charles J. Linderman & Rebecca A. Linderman bankruptcy (Bk. No. 11-40790, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy) for purposes of filing an objection in the matter if needed.  Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Roethemeyer and Deterding voted “aye”.  Nays, none.


The following bids were received for the Lincoln County Courthouse Electrical Upgrade:


Platte Valley Electric           Base Bid: $286,130             Alternate:       Deduct $36,800


Snell Services Inc.               Base Bid: $243,100             Alternate:       Deduct $39,300


The engineering consultant spoke with the low bidder and made the recommendation to go with the low bid from Snell Services Inc. with the alternate.


Snell Services gave an estimated start time of 2 to 3 months.


Motion by Hewgley, seconded by Roethemeyer to accept the bid of Snell Services Inc. in the amount of $243,100 and use the alternate to deduct $39,300 for a total of $203,800 and enter into a contract to proceed with the project.  Upon roll call vote Hewgley, Roethemeyer and Deterding voted “aye”.  Nays, none.


Approved the following claims as presented for payment:



At&T                                                                         se                                                   694.19

Ace                                                                           su                                                   232.93

Advnc Auto                                                             re                                                    174.96

Alco                                                                          su                                                     14.90

Amer Prbtn & Prl Assoc                                     dues                                                   50.00

Andrsn & Sns                                                         re                                                      15.90

A Bargmann                                                           mi                                                   714.01

AS Cntrl Se                                                             se                                                   242.10

B&D                                                                         su                                                   250.76

B Barker                                                                   ex                                                   501.79

B Aufdenkamp                                                       mi                                                   147.63

CBM                                                                         se                                                3,055.28

Cntrl NE Rprtng                                                     se                                                   115.00

Cntry Lnk                                                                 se                                                   679.10

Charter                                                                     se                                                   134.99

Cohagen                                                                 re                                                      94.99

CIS                                                                            rt                                                    500.00

Culligan                                                                  su                                                   270.01

DMV                                                                         su                                                     75.00

D Deterding                                                            mi                                                   114.20

E&R                                                                          re                                                      39.97

Eakes                                                                       su                                                3,008.66

Fair Lw                                                                     se                                                   570.00

Fleet                                                                         su                                                5,816.87

GCR                                                                         re                                                    921.32

H Schein                                                                 su                                                   110.84

Hometown Lsng                                                    se                                                   305.00

Ideal                                                                         se                                                   677.04

J Hewgley                                                               mi                                                   111.00

J Stenger                                                                 mi                                                   157.59

Keefe                                                                       su                                                     62.72

Keyart Com                                                             re                                                      82.50

Kustom Sgnls                                                         re                                                    243.55

Lin/McPhr Ext Ptty Csh                                        reb                                                     12.32

L Block                                                                     mi                                                   138.75

M Lee Smith Pub                                                  sub                                                  387.00

Mdsn Natl Lf                                                           ins                                                   341.90

LexisNexis                                                              su                                                   343.99

Mentzer                                                                   su                                                   281.52

N Nozicka                                                                se                                                   340.00

MIS                                                                           se                                                   118.20

MARC                                                                      su                                                   418.49

Morrill Dist Crt                                                         su                                                     23.75

Morris Rprtng                                                          se                                                     44.00

MUNI LT& Wtr                                                         se                                                   201.48

NPPD                                                                       se                                                     16.68

NE Fire & Sfty                                                         se                                                   145.95

NSBA                                                                    dues                                              2,155.00

NSPF                                                                       ex                                                2,102.78

NP DoIt Ctr                                                              su                                                   128.74

NPFD                                                                       se                                                   688.00

NP Tlgrph                                                                ad                                                     13.49

NW Enrgy                                                                se                                                1,006.50

Pederson Lw                                                          se                                                1,610.00

Person Lw                                                               se                                                   208.45

Pplr Car Wsh                                                          se                                                     66.15

Presto X                                                                   se                                                     40.95

Psychlgcl Rsrcs                                                     se                                                   110.00

R Saner                                                                   mi                                                     18.32

R Rossell                                                                mi                                                   108.78

Region II                                                                cont                                            13,971.00

Rgnl Wst Med Ctr                                                   se                                                3,053.35

Reliable Off Su                                                      su                                                     66.43

Rvrsd Man                                                               ex                                                     81.84

Sarpy Co Crt                                                           su                                                        3.75

Select Mail                                                             pstg                                            10,000.00

Shopko                                                                    su                                                     19.98

Trouer                                                                       re                                                      54.13

USBnk                                                                     ex                                                   593.70

Unitech                                                                    su                                                1,284.50

UNL                                                                          mi                                                2,192.67

VanDiest                                                                 su                                              36,862.43

Waite McWha                                                         se                                                1,163.00

W Roethemeyer                                                     mi                                                   160.95



AT&T                                                                        se                                                   143.67

Ace                                                                           re                                                      30.56

Bckr Auto                                                                 re                                                      10.39

C McFadden                                                          reb                                                       3.40

Classic Ind Su                                                        su                                                     35.80

Home Lmbr                                                             su                                                     12.56

Ideal                                                                         se                                                   190.24

J Remus At Ctr                                                       re                                                      49.70

Mdsn Natl Lf                                                           ins                                                     86.02

Mentzer                                                                   su                                                4,906.72

Mid-States                                                               se                                                     40.00

Miller Re                                                                  re                                                      45.36

MSHA                                                                      ex                                                   997.00

NMC                                                                         re                                                1,477.16

NE Stt Fire Mrshll                                                  su                                                   240.00

NP DoIt Ctr                                                              su                                                        4.92

NP Tlgrph                                                               ads                                                  450.82

Paulsen                                                                   su                                                2,276.67

Sapp Bros                                                               su                                                     40.00

Source Gas                                                             se                                                   213.65

TO Haas                                                                   re                                                      28.70

Todds                                                                       re                                                      35.00

USBnk                                                                     su                                                     53.87



Mdsn Natl Lf                                                           ins                                                       8.80


Institutional Fund:

HHS LRC                                                              agre                                                 450.00

Norfolk Reg Ctr                                                    agre                                                 762.00


Victim Witness Fund:

Mdsn Natl Lf                                                           ins                                                       2.20


Juvenile Fac. Fund:

Cmmnty Cnnctn                                                    grt                                              15,372.00


Building Fund:

AJ Sht Mtl                                                                re                                                      25.48

Ace                                                                           su                                                     29.07

Ele Engnr                                                                re                                                      41.28

NE DOL                                                                   se                                                   108.00

Snell                                                                         re                                                    853.21

Wall Drs                                                                   re                                                5,840.00


Jail Building Fund:

Larrys Glss                                                              re                                                1,924.00

Mdwst Door                                                             re                                                1,370.00

Seeds Lf Lndscpng                                               su                                                   175.00

Snell                                                                         re                                                1,591.79


The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 A.M.


Advance notice and the agenda for the December 19, 2011 meetings were sent to members of the county board, county attorney and all others requesting the same.  Notice was posted at the Lincoln County Courthouse, City Hall and on the county website.


The agenda for the meetings to be held on January 3, 2012 will be kept continually current and open for inspection at the office of the Lincoln County Clerk.  The regular meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners will be held at the Lincoln County Courthouse in the Commissioner’s Room at 9:00 A.M.  The regular meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Equalization will be held at the Lincoln County Courthouse in the Commissioner’s Room at 9:15 A.M.


The December 27, 2011 board meeting was cancelled and the next regular meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners will be held on Tuesday, January 3, 2012.


Rebecca J. Rossell

Lincoln County Clerk

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